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 Safe stay in Croatia label

By marking the tourist offer with the safety labels of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Safe Travels and the national safety label Safe Stay in Croatia, we provide tourists with a tourist offer in which the Protocols for safe stay in Croatia are applied. 

Culinary art since the 1960s 

Offer of the day 04.10.2022.

Juneći gulaš s fužima

Salata, domaći kruh

47,00 kn

6,24 €

Juneći gulaš s palentom

Salata, domaći kruh

45,00 kn

5,97 €

Jota s debrecinkom 

Domaći kruh

38,00 kn

5,04 €

Pohana pileća prsa, krumpirići

Salata, domaći kruh

40,00 kn

5,31 €

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