"One needs to eat to live, not live to eat"

Dear guests 

Welcome to the gostionica Kaneta 

We are extremely proud of the long tradition of this inn, which offers specialties in its menu, which by their very name say that they were somehow prepared in "those" times.

Kaneta was founded in 2000 and since then has provided a refuge for all gourmets and lovers of Istrian and coastal cuisine, as well as lovers of widely appreciated and quality wines of this region.

Kaneta sprang up on the foundations laid by the sympathetic and well-known old Mr. Jakus, who in the 60's offered his widely known and delicious sandwiches with homemade bacon and garlic on the site of today's Kaneta.

Dear guests, the friendly staff of the gostionica Kaneta wishes you good luck!

For all additional information and reservations call

+385 99 489 7474

S&N, zajednički obrt za ugostiteljstvo, suvl. Stjepan Feketija i Nikola Feketija

Nova cesta 64, 51410, Opatija

OIB: 86485567742; 83078551355