European Best Destinations i Forbes: Opatija is one of the 16 most romantic European destinations for Valentine's Day

In anticipation of Valentine's Day, European Best Destinations and the influential American magazine Forbes have chosen Opatija as one of the 16 most romantic destinations in Europe. 

Opatija is presented as a fashionable coastal resort and a jewel of the Kvarner area, whose tourist tradition dates back to the 19th century. The unique Opatija villas and hotels surrounded by exotic gardens, parks and the sea are singled out, as well as the famous chocolate production.

 It is a selection of the most romantic destinations for Valentine's Day in Europe, compiled by the European Best Destination Organization (EBDO), which in cooperation with Forbes and other world-famous media houses promotes millions of travelers (tourists) attractive and unique European destinations.

 And indeed, Valentine's Day as a "holiday" of love is one of the most beautiful motives for visiting Opatija, and the month of love is marked by a romantic atmosphere and attractive programs dedicated to the most sublime human emotion. The romance of the city is additionally emphasized by the attractive occasional lighting, but also by the hundreds of hearts and romantic messages with which the Tourist Board of the city of Opatija decorated the parks, squares and streets. For Valentine's Day, but also throughout February, Opatija sends a message to its faithful and future guests - "feel love". 

That there is a great interest in Opatija is confirmed by the fact that for the coming weekend the accommodation capacities of most of the 11 open Opatija hotels have already been filled. With their attractive offers for Valentine's Day, Opatija's hoteliers have attracted many local guests who will enjoy a walk in Opatija with romantically arranged parks and Lungomare, as well as wellness programs and always top gastronomic offer of hotel restaurants.

As the crown of the love weekend, this Saturday, February 13, a big music spectacle is being held in Opatija, a selection of Croatian songs for the Eurovision Song Contest "Dora" that brings together Croatian music cream, and the romantic atmosphere of Valentine's Day in Opatija will be further enriched by Marko Tolja's concerts. need is love "to be held in the Great Hall of the Gervais Center on 12 and 14 February