Fairytale Opatija

Opatija is a tourist town, picturesque in appearance. With its tradition and appearance, it stands out from other tourist cities because its, although short-lived history is very vivid.

Gostionica Kaneta is located in Opatija, an elegant tourist center. Located at the foot of the mountain and nature park Učka, Opatija offers an excellent choice for vacation in summer and winter. Beautiful nature, parks, old Austro-Hungarian villas, promenades and beaches have been attracting tourists from Europe and the world for 160 years. Opatija is the leading tourist destination in the Republic of Croatia for the organization of congresses, seminars and conferences. Through festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural and sporting events, Opatija offers cultural and entertainment facilities throughout the year

Apart from the road, Opatija is connected to Lovran, Ičići and Ika by a 12-kilometer-long coastal promenade that ends in Volosko and on which memorials have been erected to famous people who stayed in Opatija. Its construction began in the second half of the 19th century, when the first hotels were opened here. Well-kept parks are one of the trademarks of Opatija. The distance of approximately 500 kilometers from Milan, Vienna and Munich makes it the center of the Riviera, with the longest tradition in Croatian tourism, the closest exit to the warm sea for visitors from Central Europe. Find out all about the beginnings of tourism in that part of Europe at the Croatian Museum of Tourism, located for the most part in the oldest villa in Angiolina, Opatija, in the center of the park of the same name.

Villa Angiolina

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